Georgia Football News


Spring G Day Game

Written by Christina Montford

If you missed out on the 2012-2013 University of Georgia football season, donʼt fret, you still have a chance to see the bulldogs play one more time before next season. The annual spring G day game is set for Saturday April, 6.

The G day game is the perfect way for fans to cheer on their bulldogs without the anxiety of worrying about if Georgia will bring home the win.

The G day game pits bulldog against bulldog, the defense vs. the offense. No matter which side wins, the Bulldogs are always on top.

Even if you cannot make it to Sanford stadium for the annual game, Gday is still a great weekend to be in Athens. The streets will be packed with fans for one of the last times until the fall. Every bar will be playing the game and you can feel the comraderie and excitement buzzing throughout the whole city.

Students, fans, and Athensʼ residents alike come together to support their bulldogs and fill up the stadium and the city.

Lots of bars downtown have G day specials on drinks and food, making this one of the most cost effective weekends to be in the classic city.