Fun in the Sun: Athens' Warm Weather Hangouts

Warm weather lovers just recently celebrated the turn of the temperatures as we brought in spring. Now that the seasons have changed, I am sure you are wondering where you can find some prime places to soak up that healthy vitamin D from the great outdoors! There are plenty of areas around campus to nap, study, have lunch, or relax and soak up the sun; let's take a look!

Campus Trail

The students at the University of Georgia love to take advantage of the beautiful scenery that the historic campus has to offer. North campus is covered in colorful foliage and has an abundance of benches and gardens to enjoy in the sunlight. On really sunny days during the afternoon you can see students and visitors laying out on the lawns under the trees, having picnics and taking in the beautiful scenery. The President's Club Garden is an especially beautiful place to cop a squat and spend your leisure time in peace. 

Another beautiful place to spend your afternoon in serenity is around the fountains. There is one on Herty Field, and another right next to the Old college building. These are truly a sight to behold both during the day and at night. Students look to the fountains for peace as well as entertainment. On hot summer nights; you can find some students dipping their feet into the fountains waters, and sometimes even jumping in with all of their clothes on! There are few better ways to spend a hot Georgia summer than in or around water, so the campus has you covered if you find yourself craving a refreshing cool off site!

As the weather starts to heat up so do the fun activities! There will be plenty of festivals and parties to enjoy downtown. For example, the Georgia Theatre is almost always throwing a trendy roof-top shin-dig. You also always have the option to enjoy your food or dessert in the sun, almost every restaurant has an outer porch to enjoy your food--there are even bars with outer benches and barstools! You also have the luxury of exercising right along side mother nature. The North Oconee River Greenway is a great place to bike, walk, jog, and bond with pets and it isn't too far from down town. The University of Georgia golf course is an affordable way to pass time that is open to the public as well.

Whether you're merely on an afternoons stroll, lunch date, or out for the night, you don't have to do it inside! The Athens scene lights up when its warm enough, so go out there and enjoy; the opportunities are endless!